Behind the scenes.
On this page you can find out how some of my puppets and props can be used, how they are made and what customers think.
How it’s used.

I have put together a number of Youtube videos to help people of any age who are new to working with puppets understand how some of my props can be used to improve the show. Hopefully, this will help people put together their own show or add new routines to an existing show. Check out some of the links below or better still, subscribe to my Youtube channel to be notified as soon as something new is published.
Click on any picture to play a short video of the prop in action.

​​I used to be a spin doctor!
It shouldn't happen to a baby!
Shall I show him how to do it?
I'm a really clever policeman!
Keep your hair on Dr Petal!
UHU fixes everything!

How it’s made.

I know from conversations that lots of you are really interested in your puppets and the processes involved in making them so I decided to put some information on the website for you to look at.

When I first started carving puppets many years ago Bob Wade was most generous with his time and gave me a number of great tips which I incorporate into my work. Many of you will be familiar with Bob and his superb work which is much sought after and collected. His puppets are some of the finest examples of his era.

My puppet heads are always made from seasoned English lime as it is light in weight but tough and durable. It is close grained giving a lovely finish to the puppet. Although it is more expensive to buy and difficult to source I wouldn’t use anything else. The picture shows the contrast between the lime on the right and some softwood used by most makers shown to the left. 

The puppet noses can take a great deal of punishment over their lifetime so I fit them into a square mortice hole in the face to avoid them turning. Not many makers to go to this trouble nowadays, instead relying on nails, screws or round pegs.

Costuming was another of Bob’s specialities and from him I learnt how to secure the costume to the head without nails to catch your finger on, how to make the costume fit the shape of the hand and how to conceal the seam of the lining to give a neat finish whether you look from the outside or the inside. Have a look at the picture to see what I mean.

Thanks to Bob’s advice and my subsequent years of experience I believe I am now making some of the best collector’s items of the future and that my customers will be investing in puppets that will last a lifetime and more.

Cheers Bob!

Click on my picture to go to a short video covering this topic. If you find it interesting then subscribe to my Youtube channel to receive notifications when I publish anything new.
I always try to make quality items at prices people can afford because, as Mr Punch once said, “That’s the way to do it!”

What customers say.

Here are a few recent comments from my lovely customers. I have removed their full names to protect their privacy but I am sure if you wanted to speak to any one of them about anything I supply they would love to speak to you. Let me know if you need to be put in touch and I will ask.

“Thank you for the swazzles, they are the best I have ever used.” - Web comment, C.P. 30th October 2017.
“Sorry it has taken me so long to contact you, but I cannot thank you enough for the puppets I recently purchased. To be honest I haven’t got much further yet than simply looking at them in awe and marvelling at their quality - although Mr Punch has found his swazzled voice on several occasions when the house has been otherwise empty. I dread to
imagine what the neighbours think.
The character you have put into them is amazing and their hands are so expressive - they really add an extra
dimension to the movement of each puppet. Put simply, I am delighted with them and really look forward to getting to work with them. Thank you.” - Email S.T. 25 March 2019 .

“Can't wait to add the new characters to my show :) I highly recommend Miraikers Figures they are 1st class.” - Facebook post, M.P. 22nd May 2018.
“The puppets and accessories were of the highest quality and Miraiker's service was excellent. Through no fault of either party there was a bit of a hitch with the payment getting from one side of the Atlantic to the other, but it could not have been handled more professionally. I will not hesitate to do business again when I need something. I recommend Miraiker's products to anyone who wants put on a first-rate show.” - Facebook comment -C.R. 16 December 2017.

“Picked up a number of puppets and some equipment from Miraiker recently. She really is the best in the business. Fast turnaround, brilliant communication and honest solid crafting at an exceptional price. Couldn't ask for better. A++++ “- Facebook post, J.H. 23 August 2018.

“Hello Miraiker,
I have just received the sausage machine and swazzle and they are brilliant, many thanks!
I must say though that the swazzle is the best one I have had in 4 years, my speech and clarity using it is fantastic and far better than the previous ones I have had and, at times, struggled with.” - Email from P.B. 8 November 2018.
“IKEA could use your expertise  and ease of construction for their products. “ - Email from R.B. 18th September 2017.
“I received the puppets!!! I cannot believe how beautiful they are. Your craftsmanship is outstanding and I feel truly lucky to be operating your creations. “ - Email- C.K.11 May 2019.​​

“The swazzles were excellent the best I have ever used. THANKS!” - Facebook message from C. M. 18th January 2019.